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Timeless and versatile, wall mouldings are a subtle yet effective way of enhancing your interior space. Whether you prefer an elaborate trim for a rustic finish or clean, architectural lines to achieve a modern look, we have a wide range of materials, styles, and finishes to suit any room.

We also offer an assortment of varnishes, stains and protective paints to tailor your mouldings exactly to your liking.


From pine to timber and from light to hardwood, we have a range of wall mouldings available to help you realise your interior transformation!

What are mouldings?

Decorative mouldings are strips of material (most often timber or wood) that can be affixed to the corners of walls or between surfaces. They can be used to disguise seams, joints, or unsightly spaces in your home, or as a charming finishing touch to your interior space.

How to install mouldings

Mouldings can have a transformative effect on the style of your room, yet they’re surprisingly simple to install. After measuring the space where you wish to install the mouldings to ascertain how much you need, your moulding simply needs to be nailed into the wall with either a hammer or nail gun. If the ends of your moulding need to be altered to fit the corners of your room, they can be sawed and sanded to the shape you need.

How to cope mouldings

As walls are rarely a perfect right-angle, your moulding may need to be altered to correctly fit your space. This can be a little fiddly, but the narrow and precise blade of a coping saw will help you to accurately shape the ends of your mouldings. Once you have the right shape, simply sand down any roughness for a professional finish.