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Angle Grinders

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What is an angle grinder?

Angle grinders can cut wood and metal, grind down sharp corners and even polish surfaces – making them a must-have for your toolbox. Whether you’re sanding, polishing or cutting, angle grinders are brilliant for a range of jobs.

Unless you’re a trader or DIY enthusiast, an angle grinder might not be a standard tool in your kit. Safe and easy to handle, our angle grinders offer a simple solution to your DIY needs.

How to use an angle grinder

An angle grinder is a versatile tool that can be used for the following:

· Sanding – angle grinders make practical tools for sanding down rough spots and stripping paint when a suitable sanding pad is attached.

· Grinding – with the right type of grinding wheel, your angle grinder can be used to grind down metal welding lumps and sharp corners – giving your jobs a smoother finish.

· Cutting – your angle grinder can be used to cut many materials, including metal, ceramic, tile, concrete, wood, plastic and PVC.

· Polishing – equipping your angle grinder with a polishing disc will enable you to add a buffed finish to your jobs. You can even use your angle grinder with a wire brush to remove rust or add a matte finish to a shiny surface.

With the right discs and attachments, your angle grinder can be transformed from a polishing tool to a sander – meaning you have to buy fewer tools and can complete jobs more quickly. To set up your angle grinder for every job, explore our range of angle grinder accessories to find the perfect fit for the job.