Angle Grinders

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Cutting a variety of materials, removing paint, grinding, polishing… angle grinders are brilliant for a vast range of DIY jobs. At Homebase we provide you with a great array of angle grinders from top brands. Browse our collection of angle grinders to find the best tool for your DIY kit.
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Bench and hand grinders have a wide range of applications in both DIY and trade work. Used by plumbers, metalworkers, carpenters and DIY enthusiasts – they cut out a lot of the hard work of polishing, sharpening and cleaning a range of materials.

Shop the range at Homebase and you’ll be in good hands with brands that are well-known for their reliability. An angle grinder tool should be easy and safe to handle, and able to incorporate a wide range of grinding accessories so you can adapt to whatever it is you’re working with.

It doesn’t matter if you need to remove old paint, smooth out a wood joint, cut through old metal pipes with precision or sort out some uneven flooring, you’ll find a grinder for sale at Homebase that will do the job. Pick up a grinder power tool and make quick work of your next project.