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Grass Seed & Feed

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Enrich your garden with our seed and feed collection from Homebase which includes both lawn feed and grass seed, as well as handy lawn spreaders.

Designed to nourish and promote healthy growth in your gardens, grass seed and feed is the best way to ensure a verdant space all year long.


Frequently Asked Questions

When should I seed and feed my lawn?

Growing your lawn can prove tricky, but lawn seed makes it easier as seeds can withstand weather conditions.

The ideal time to germinate your seeds is early in the autumn or mid-spring season as the soil is in perfect conditions and just right temperature-wise. This also allows for the seeds to set roots through the frostier winter weather.

Top tip: Give yourself a two-week forecast before planting or sowing. You don’t want any harsh weather to tamper with the process!

How to feed your lawn

Before getting started on feeding your lawn, prepare your seedbed. This is crucial to getting the rest of the process right!

Dig your soil (to a depth of about 20-25 cm) and remove any weeds or debris. If you find it’s too tricky to weed out your seedbed by hand, use a weedkiller instead.

From there, assess your soil’s quality. If all looks good, add your top soil and rake the area. Add your seeds (by hand or with a lawn spreader) and rakethrough until well mixed – you want to make sure your seeds are in the soil! Finally, level and firm down your seedbed.

How long until grass seed grows?

If your seedbed’s prepared well and conditions are prime for sowing, you should see some growth in approximately ten days, and a full lawn in about 6-8 weeks. Just make sure you provide enough heat, water and air for your seeds to germinate.