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Christmas Tree Decorations & Baubles

Make your Christmas tree shine brighter than ever with our collection of tree decorations including baubles, tinsel and ornaments.

Whether your style says classic Christmas or fashion forward, explore our range of Christmas tree decorations to find the perfect match. Choose glass baubles, or opt for shatterproof tree decorations which are perfect for families with children or pets. This year's collection wouldn't be complete however, without our great value bauble sets and tinsel available in a variety of colours and within our Christmas trends. Creating an affordable sparkling display has never been simpler at Homebase.

You can even embrace the magic of Christmas and transform your tree into a captivating center piece with our elegant Christmas tree decorating ideas. Browse our collection of Christmas tree decorations to find the perfect adornments online and in-store.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make a bauble wreath?

If you want to get crafty this Christmas, read our blog to learn how to make a bauble wreath.

How many baubles do you need for a 3ft, 6ft, 7ft and 8ft Christmas tree?

Typically, a 3-foot tree only needs around 20 baubles, so long as you also have Christmas tree lights. A 6-foot tree will need at least 128 Christmas baubles, while a 7-foot tree will need at least 196 decorations for that proper Christmas look. If your tree is 8-foot tall, you'll need 212 baubles or more to fill it out.

How do you hang ornaments and baubles on a Christmas tree?

You can learn how to hang Christmas tree ornaments and baubles, including tree toppers, by reading our blog on how to decorate a tree.

How do you decorate an outdoor Christmas tree?

Decorating an outdoor Christmas tree is similar to an indoor one. The main difference is that you're better off using shatterproof, weatherproof or plastic ornaments for an outdoor tree. All your Christmas tree decorations, including tree lights, ornaments, tree toppers and baubles, should be labeled indoor and/or outdoor safe if you're using them outside. Read our blogs below for more inspiration on decorating a Christmas tree and outdoor Christmas decorations:

1. How to decorate a tree

2. Outdoor Christmas lights ideas

3. Outdoor Christmas decoration ideas