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Shrub, Trees & Roses

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Homebase offers a wide range of shrubs, trees and roses so you are guaranteed to find something to create your garden with. From classic garden roses to flowering and evergreen shrubs and sturdy trees, our selection provides options for all gardens. 

Whether you're looking for shade-loving and fast growing shrubs, or low maintenance evergreen trees, Homebase has you covered. We also offer practical solutions like small and large shrubs for versatile landscaping.

Within our garden roses, we also provide a selection of shrub roses for a timeless look. They have an open and spreading shape which can add a touch of elegance to your garden. You can find shrub roses in colours such as white, pink, yellow, purple, and more. We also have dwarf and low growing shrubs; these are easy to care for. They also work well in your front garden as they are shallow rooted. 

For further advice on which shrubs are best for you, visit our plant buying guide.

At Homebase you will find something to suit your garden's aesthetic and functional requirements.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which are the fastest growing shrubs?

At Homebase, our fastest growing evergreen shrubs, are Spotted Laurel (Aucuba), Pittosporum Mix and Prunus Rotundifolia.

What are shrubs?

A shrub is a woody plant, which is smaller than a tree and has several main stems arising at or near the ground.

How do you take a cutting from a shrub?

Taking a cutting from a shrub is easy, read our blog on plant propagation for further instructions.

When do you prune shrubs?

The best time to prune shrubs is after flowering - there are a few exceptions. If uncertain, we recommend talking to an expert or checking online to know exactly when to prune your shrubs.

Do shrubs need to be watered?

Yes, shrubs need to be watered around once a week until established in your garden. However, if in pots, you will need to continue watering at least weekly. When watering shrubs it's important that the water reaches the plants roots, you can do this by using powerful hoses or quality watering cans.

What is a shrub rose?

Shrub roses are a large and diverse group of roses, with arching prickly branches that flower along their length. The roses often have an open and spreading shape.

When to plant shrubs?

Most shrubs can be planted between Autumn and Spring, as long as the ground isn't too wet. Some can be planted at other times of the year, but it depends on the type.