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Wooden Sheds

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Wooden sheds are a practical solution for storing your garden items, from lawn mowers, tools, plant pots, and garden furniture.

If you are looking to store all of your garden equipment, then we offer wooden tool sheds specifically for your garden tools, these are small and take up less space. In addition, we offer shiplap wooden sheds that are contemporary looking but also uses a certain type of wood that strengthens your garden building whilst ensuring it remains weatherproof. If you want more of a traditional look, then you should choose to buy an overlap or timber wooden shed, these are classic styles but still have great durability.At Homebase we provide wooden garden sheds with specialised options such as a wooden potting shed so you can care for your plants, or wooden sheds with log stores designed to help keep your logs neat and tidy.

We also offer large and small sheds for different sized gardens; you can also buy corner wooden sheds if you’re looking to save as much space as you can. Our sheds come in plain wood, green or grey, so you can match them with the colour of your fence.

If you're purchasing a shed for something other than storing garden tools, then you can buy wooden sheds with windows and double doors, these options are perfect for those looking to create a outdoor home office or yoga and fitness area.

For help and further inspiration read our garden shed buying guide before choosing the best one for you.

Shop our garden shed selection online or in-store at Homebase.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you build a wooden garden shed?

Building a wooden garden shed is not an easy task, visit our blog on how to build a garden shed for more in depth instructions.

How do you insulate and damp proof a wooden shed?

If you’re planning on spending lots of time in your wooden shed, then insulating it is extremely important. Follow our blog for instructions on how to insulate your wooden shed. Furtermore, you can damp proof a wooden shed yourself at home using damp proof paint and high quality paint brushes.

Are wooden sheds waterproof?

Wooden sheds are water resistant, however with great insulation and treating the shed with a wood preserver or waterproof paint you can protect it from the rain.

Do wooden sheds need to be anchored?

Yes, generally a wooden shed should be anchored. An unanchored shed is vulnerable to extreme weather, which can ultimately lead to damaging to the shed base.

Do you need planning permission for a wooden shed?

Often you are unlikely to need planning permission for a wooden shed in your garden, as long a the maximum height doesn't exceed 2.5 metres you should be ok. However we do advise that you call your local council and ask them just to be sure.

How long will a wooden shed last?

If maintained correctly then a wooden shed can last between 20 to 25 years.