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Hedge Trimmers

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Trim, shape and cut with our wide selection of hedge trimmers, available to buy online or instore. A must-have for any gardener, hedge trimmers are efficient, flexible and easy to use, making them the ideal replacement or complement to garden shears.

We stock a wide range of hedge trimmers and cutters, including petrol, electric and cordless battery-powered hedge trimmers. Our petrol trimmers are high-powered, giving you results quickly, while cordless trimmers offer you much more flexibility without wires getting in the way. Electric varieties offer our most lightweight option and are easy to use, even in those hard-to-reach areas.

We also stock extendable hedge trimmers, often called telescopic or pole hedge trimmers, available with cordless battery operated, petrol and electric power sources. These use extended shafts or poles to give you a greater reach, making them the perfect tool for trimming higher hedges and getting all those awkward spots.

When choosing the right hedge trimmer for you – whether cordless, electric or petrol-powered – remember to consider hedge height, garden size and whether you have a power socket nearby. For more expert advice, head to our blog to read our hedge trimmer buying guide.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use a hedge trimmer?

All our hedge trimmers come with individual and easy-to-follow instructions for how to use them. Remember, always make sure you keep a firm grip on your trimmer before using it and trim from top to bottom, avoiding any branches that are too thick as this may ruin your blade.

How do you Sharpen hedge trimmer blades?

You can sharpen your hedge trimmer blades using a flat file. Following the specific instructions for your flat file, adjust it to the recommended sharpening angle and push forward along the blades. Remember, the flat file will only sharpen the blades on the forward stroke, so take it away from the blades when you move it back.

Always make sure to take the appropriate safety precautions, like wearing gloves and protective glasses and choosing a stable and non-slippery surface to work on. You should always read the flat file operating instructions thoroughly before use.

How do you clean hedge trimmer blades?

You can easily clean your hedge trimmer blades at home with some warm, soapy water and a cloth. To keep your hedge trimmer in best condition, we recommend giving the blades a wipe with soapy water and a cloth after every use. Again, make sure you wear protective gloves and choose a surface that is stable and non-slippery.

Can you cut grass with a hedge trimmer?

No, generally we don’t recommend using a hedge trimmer to cut grass, unless you're working with very long and overgrown grasses. Instead, it's much easier, tidier and safer to use a lawnmower or grass trimmer to cut grass.

Can you use a hedge trimmer in the rain?

No, it's not safe to use a hedge cutter in the rain, especially when using an electric hedge trimmer.