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Tiling Adhesive Grout

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You've found the perfect tiles, now it's time to get the tiling done! Here you'll find tiling adhesive and grout for every area of the home, bathrooms walls and beyond. Besides tile adhesive, you'll also find grout cleaner and sealers here as well. Browse and shop online or at your local Homebase store.


Tile your home like a pro with our powerful range of grout and adhesive products. Available in a variety of strengths, sizes and colours, you’ll find just the right solution for your DIY project.

Ideal for bathrooms, kitchens or wet rooms, our tile adhesive is a strong base for any task. Seal the gaps and create a clean finish with our tile grout. Waterproof, resistant to mould and compatible with underfloor heating, it’s ready for whatever life throws at it. Choose classic white for a clean finish or contrast black with white tiles for a contemporary look. Whatever your style, it’s easy to keep your tiles looking smart and clean with our hardy grout cleaner - available as cream or spray.

Finish your walls and floors to perfection with our tried and tested range. From ready-mixed solutions to quick-set powders, it’s so easy to tile with Homebase.