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Find the products you need to fit or repair home radiators with valves and accessories from Homebase.

Give your central heating some TLC and keep everything running smoothly with the range of radiator valves, caps and accessories in the Homebase plumbing collection. Our valves come in brass, chrome and steel for robust plumbing and an attractive look you can use throughout your home. Invest in radiator caps to conceal exposed valve shafts and benefit from a range of useful features, such as a thermostat options, to give you precise temperature control. Radiator cap ends are available with fixtures in multiple sizes, so you can add the finishing touch to any radiator. If you’re in need of an update, the range of leak sealer and touch up kits can repair minor damage to your radiator’s style and function.

At great prices, you can afford to stock up. Reserve online and collect in store today.