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Central to any living room is a sofa that brings together your specific aesthetic.

Whether a 2 seater sofa or a corner sofa, our range of sofas offer a variety of sizes styles and colours so you can relax and be comfortable on a sofa that truly suits you and your space.

From charming scalloped designs to trendy Scandi, discover a sofa for any occasion.

Whether to relax or entertain, having a comfortable sofa can make a difference in your home. Depending on taste or aesthetic, here are a few designs to consider when decorating your living rooms or shared spaces:


Still on-trend, Scandi styles are a favourite in many homes. Our Scandi Savannah Sofa is a timeless piece of furniture, with elegant rounded edges and light-coloured wooden legs. In grey or teal, this sofa is the perfect minimalist design for anyone looking to embrace the cool, Nordic style. Combine with light-coloured cushions or a fuzzy throw to add another element of charm and comfort.


If you have a more modern taste, there’s nothing quite like adding colour and character to your living spaces. Our Cocktail Sofas and Lucie Asymmetric 2 Seater Sofas provide comfort and style. Velvety and eye-catching, these designs make a statement and serve as an ideal focal point in any modern living room.


Classic styles fit most rooms thanks to their timelessness. Our Sofa in a Box range, for example, features a selection of sofas with a compact shape that adapts to rooms of any size. Affordable, sturdy and comfortable, this sofa can be dressed up or pared down to suit your unique home and style.