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What’s the time Mr Wolf? Time for you to check out our fantastic range of wall clocks and alarm clocks!

Wall clocks can look amazing in almost every room in your home. Browse our selection of wall hung clocks to find a fabulous statement piece that is both practical and can bring your whole room together. If you’re searching for a more traditional look, why not go for a mantel clock, that’ll make stylish focal point over the fireplace.

If you’re often losing track of time, one of our alarm clocks will mean you’re never late again!

A statement timepiece deserves a place in every home. Whether you have an empty spot above your mantlepiece, a bare spot on your kitchen wall, or someone in your life with a penchant for lateness, we have a wide range of wall and alarm clocks in a variety of sizes, colours, styles and shapes. Never miss a second with one of our reliable clocks in your home!

How long do clocks last?

Reliably made clocks can last anywhere from ten to fifteen years. Investing in quality craftsmanship is a sure fire way of making sure that you’re getting your money’s worth. However, the hardware inside modern clocks is relatively easy to change yourself, if your clock does happen to malfunction.

What clock should I choose for my home?

We recommend choosing your clock to match the décor of the room you plan to place it in. For example, if your kitchen is a country, farm-inspired space, we suggest a traditional style with either a wood or matt case, as this will marry nicely with the textures and muted colours in your space.

However, if you have a contemporary study and need a clock to fill the space above your desk or next to your bookshelf, we recommend a bold, statement stencil clock.