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Good radiators are a real home heating essential. Combining visual appeal with energy-efficient technology, our wide selection of great value radiators delivers on functionality and style. From eye-catching designs and sleek matte finishes to timeless cast-iron detailing and slimline panelling, browse our range of radiators, coverings, valves and accessories to find the perfect fit for your home.


Expert help & advice

Radiators work through a heat transfer process known as convection. The central heating radiators that form your home heating system are filled with water, which is heated by your boiler. When hot, your radiators warm up the air that surrounds them through the process of convection. This warm air then circulates around the room, causing the room to heat up.

How many radiators should a room have?

For an effective central heating system, you'll likely need at least one radiator per room. When working out how many radiators you need, it's important to consider room size. Small rooms, such as downstairs bathrooms or home offices, will be fine with a single radiator. However, larger rooms may require two. If you have large rooms with high ceilings, they will often need more than two central heating radiators to maintain a constant temperature efficiently. If a small radiator has to heat up a large space by itself, this will require more energy (and cost more money) than using multiple radiators to effectively heat the same space.

Which type of radiator is the most efficient?

The type of radiator you require will depend on the size, style and function of your space. Vertical column radiators are often favoured in bathrooms and smaller spaces, while cast iron radiators are a popular choice for homes with a traditional interior style - the options are endless! Take a look at our radiator buying guide for help finding the right fit for your home.

Which radiators hold heat the longest?

All of our radiators are crafted from materials with strong conducting properties. This means that they've been engineered to retain and radiate heat over longer periods of time. However, if you're looking for radiators with the best heat retentive properties, then consider choosing one of our options made from cast iron.