Paint Tools & Accessories

You’ve got the paint, now it's time for the tools and accessories to help you get the job done. Browse our range of paint tools including various paint brushes, paint rollers, paint trays and accessories such as dust sheets and masking tape.

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The affordable range of painting accessories and decorating tools from Homebase can help you to achieve a professional finish time after time.

Say goodbye to uneven surfaces and streaks left over from low-quality paint tools by swapping them for something new from our selection. With everything from dust sheets and masking tape to brushes and roller trays, you’ll find all the top quality decorating tools you need to get the job done. Touch ups are easy to finish off with a more precise tool such as a thin brush, whereas bigger scale projects will benefit from a larger sized paint roller.

If you’re looking for high-quality painting accessories and decorating tools, look no further than our extensive selection.