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Multi Surface Paint

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Are you looking for an all-in-one solution for your paint job? Interior multi-surface paint offers greater flexibility for a wide range of surfaces. Here at Homebase, you can find multi-surface paint from top brands, such as Rust-Oleum and Dulux, that ensure quality alongside versatility.

The best multi-surface paint comes in a range of colours, so you can apply it to different aesthetics. You'll find a wide selection of multi-surface paint colours at Homebase, from black and grey to brown and white.

It's time to give your space a well-earned facelift. Browse high-quality and durable interior multi-surface paint at Homebase, either in-store or online.


Frequently Asked Questions
What is multi-surface paint good for?

Multi-surface paint is specially formulated to be used on multiple materials, from wood and metal to walls and window frames. Multi-surface paint is great for any interior paint jobs that require painting over multiple surfaces, thanks to this flexibility.

How long does multi-surface paint last?

How long multi-surface paint lasts will depend on the brand of paint, how it's applied and the conditions it typically faces each year. At its longest, interior multi-surface paint can last up to 15 years. However, it's more likely you'll need to repaint after 8-10 years.

Do you need to seal multi-surface paint?

Typically, you don't need to seal multi-surface paint. Most brands multi-surface paint state that they are self-priming paint. This means the paint will seal and colour at the same time.

Does multi-surface paint need primer?

Generally, interior multi-surface paint doesn't need primer. However, if you're applying it to an area susceptible to staining, you may want to apply a stain-blocking primer in some cases.

How long does multi-surface paint take to dry?

It usually takes 4-6 hours for interior multi-surface paint to dry. However, it's always best to check the instructions on your paint tin. It can take longer depending on the surface you're painting. It's best to wait a little longer than the recommended time if you're unsure.