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It's time to beat the chill! Keep cold air at bay with the help of a heater from Homebase. You'll find a wide range of heater types available here, from convector heaters and fan heaters to smart electrical heaters and more.
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Bring the heat wherever you need it in your home with handy heaters from Homebase. Whether you’re looking for a temporary solution for a draughty room, or you need some heat while you work in a nippy garage, an electric heater can be a great solution.

From our range of halogen, oil, or fan heaters, you’re sure to find something that will get the warm air flowing in your home. They’re a great way to boost the heat in winter, and are easy to tuck away again when the warmer season arrives. With electric heating, it’s a simple case of plugging them in and letting them work their magic in your home.

So if you need more heat in one particular room, but don’t want to spend on replacing radiators, our electric heaters are the solution for you. Check them out when you head in-store or online today.