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Curtain Poles

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Adjustable or customisable, curtain poles are both functional and stylish. Commonly wooden or metal, curtain poles nevertheless come in various finishes to suit budget, space and aesthetic. Whether you're looking for extendable, fixed-length, or bay window curtain poles, discover a range of designs to suit and elevate any space.


Curtain poles are an essential part of any curtain installation: they help tidy and declutter the feel of any space, lifting curtains to facilitate their use.

Before choosing a curtain rod for your home, consider your space and style. If you’re looking for more contemporary, modern models, aim for metal curtain poles. In chrome, brass or gold, we have a variety of metal rods to seamlessly blend with your home design. Most of these designs are adjustable – meaning they’ll adapt to your desired size.

For more natural and neutral spaces, we recommend wooden curtain poles. These are simple and come in several, natural colours. Because wooden rods are wider, they can support heavier curtains. Pick and choose colour variety based on room and aesthetic to ensure the material matches your room’s unique design.

Another option for those looking for a more personalised pole is to simply purchase a unique combination of curtain tubes, rings, tops and curtain brackets to pair a number of colours and finishes.

Bear in mind, curtains glide more easily on metal poles. However, there’s no doubt that wooden rods add a lot of charm to any space. Regardless of which pole you go for, remember to take appropriate care of these materials to ensure durability and go for a style that suits your personality and home!