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Masonry Paint

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We stock a wide variety of masonry paints, with a whole host of colours and finishes available. Choose between matt, smooth and textured masonry paint, from great brands such as Sandtex and Farrow & Ball. Your home will look the best on the street with our weatherproof brick and stone paints. Don't forget to pick up a made-for-purpose masonry paint brush from our Paint Tools.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is masonry paint?

Masonry paint is used on exterior walls, stone, brick, concrete, and other surfaces. It is paint that is designed to protect brick exteriors and facades from the elements.

Is there a difference between brick, stone and masonry paint?

Often the terms masonry paint, brick paint and stone paint are used interchangeably. While you can purchase paint meant for brick and stone exclusively, masonry paint is suitable for multiple surfaces. Not only can masonry paint be used on brick and stone, you can use it on concrete, exterior walls and more.

Can I use masonry paint on wood?

Yes, you can use most types of masonry paint on wood. When used on wood, masonry paint can cause moisture build up over time and lead to paint peeling and flaking. We have specialist paint designed to protect and maintain wooden surfaces that is better suited for this purpose.

Can I use masonry paint indoors?

Masonry paint can be used to paint brick, stone and concrete that may be indoors. However, it is not recommended to use masonry paint on regular walls or ceilings.

How long does masonry paint take to dry?

It can take between 4 and 6 hours for masonry paint to dry. If it is forecast to rain, we recommend trying to ensure that there is at least a four hour gap between painting the outside of a house and when the rain begins.

Is masonry paint waterproof?

Most masonry paint is weatherproof and designed to protect surfaces from the elements. To improve longevity of masonry paint you can seal and prime brick exteriors before you begin painting.