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Garden Parasol Bases

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Parasol bases and weights are a vital addition to your garden furniture. A good umbrella base will ensure the stability of your garden parasol when the wind picks up so you can make the most of the sunshine.

Parasol bases comes in varying weights and sizes to suit every kind of garden parasol. From cement bases to sand-filled options, parasol bases give peace of mind that your umbrella will withstand strong winds and adverse weather. If you don't have a safe place to store your parasol and base in the winter months, our garden furniture covers include a range of parasol covers with ventilation systems to reduce condensation and keep your parasol dry and aired throughout winter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will any parasol fit any base?

While many parasols come as a standard size, it's always worth checking. Our 15kg cement parasol base will fit parasols with a pole diameter of up to 38mm. The larger the parasol, the heavier it will be and the heavier the parasol base will need to be. For large, tilting garden parasols, consider a square parasol base that can be filled with sand or water.

Should you fill a parasol base with water or sand?

While both sand and water in a parasol base will create adequate weight to keep your parasol in place, sand can be the more stable option for larger garden umbrellas.

How do I choose an outdoor umbrella base?

First things first, check the specification of your garden parasol so you can make sure that your new base will fit. Parasol stands are often a standard size, but it's always worth checking. Many parasol bases are adjustable, with a screw fitting that can be tightened to ensure a snug fit. Once you know what dimension to look for, consider how you will use your parasol base. If your parasol will be staying in the same position year-round, consider a sand or water filled option. These are the strongest and most stable option, however the heavy weight does mean that they are not easily portable. If you find that you're regularly moving your parasol to maximise shade, a smaller concrete or cast iron parasol base will be the best fit for you.