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Good soil for the garden is the foundation for successful gardening. At Homebase, we offer different types of soil and soil improvers so that you create a healthy garden, this includes soil for plants, potting, lawns, planters, and flowers.

Garden soil conditioners and enhancers are key to maintaining the health of the soil, they can be used to adjust the pH of the soil, encourage root development, reduce soil erosion and improve water retention. Our range includes organic soil improvers, which will improve the fertility of your soil sustainably. If you're trying to incorporate eco-friendly gardening habits read our sustainable garden ideas and visit our blog on how to garden organically.

If you aren't the biggest garden enthusiast then we understand that knowing what soil and compost to use when can be confusing, that's why we offer versatile options like bags of multi-purpose soil. This type of soil is well-balanced and designed to meet the needs of a wide range of plants, it typically contains a blend of different components such as peat moss and organic matter. Multi-purpose soil offers great convenience if you want a single and adaptable soil option. For more information on gardening basics, read our 10 gardening tips for beginners.

If you're looking to buy garden soil for a raised bed, then you should opt for high-quality organic potting soil, this contains a mix of things formulated to provide optimal conditions for potted plants and flower beds. Potting soil is also commonly used for house plants, hanging baskets or when growing your own vegetables in containers. Potting soil and compost are preferred for container gardening over garden soil because it provides excellent drainage, and is lightweight, making it easier to move plant pots around.

Once you've chosen your soil be sure to shop our quality garden tools, choose from garden forks, shovels and spades, and garden brushes.

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Frequently asked questions

How do you make soil acidic?

To make your soil acidic, we recommend using ericaceous compost. This is a special type of compost that’s made for plants that thrive in acidic soil conditions. You can also use a fertiliser that contains sulphur, this is commonly used to acidify soil for a garden.

How do you test the pH of soil?

You can test the pH of soil at home using our pre-prepared soil pH kits.

How do you improve soil quality with soil improvers?

You can improve soil quality by using soil improvers and conditioners like manure and organic compost. These soil boosters will enhance the physical, and chemical properties of your soil, making it the perfect place for your plants to grow.

What is soil improver?

A soil improver is a substance applied to soil to enhance it's fertility, health and overall quality. They aim to create an environment for plants to thrive and encourage growth.

Is soil improver better than compost?

Whether soil improvers are better than compost depends on what your soil needs. Soil improvers are applied to work on strengthening the soil to and improve its physical and chemical properties, whereas compost adds nutritional benefit to your soil. Soil improver can be seen as a highly concentrated compost that cannot be used on its own because it will be too strong for plants to handle. You can mix soil improver with other organic matter to make compost.

What time of year should I use soil improver?

Soil improvers can be added at any time of the year, although we would suggest that either spring or autumn would be the optimal time to use it.