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Wooden Border Log Roll Fixing Peg - 45 x 50 x 50mm

Wooden Border Log Roll Fixing Peg - 45 x 50 x 50mm



Lawn & Garden Edging

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Are you looking to enhance the appearance of your garden? Our lawn and garden edging are an effective way to achieve a polished look and add support to your plants and raised beds.

Garden borders serve as the foundation for creating defined spaces. Explore our garden lawn edging design ideas to match your style and preferences.

Garden border edging can come in different shapes and designs; there's something to suit every flower bed. Add a touch of elegance to your backyard with our curved or scalloped garden edging. Stylish garden edging like rope top, round top and bamboo, are contemporary and minimalistic. These small details will make a big difference to your garden's overall aesthetic. For something timeless and traditional, shop stone or wooden garden edging - classic borders for the garden.

We also offer garden border edging pegs and kits, which can make garden bordering just a little bit easier.

Shop our decorative edging for gardens online or in-store at Homebase. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you lay sleepers for garden edging?

Laying sleepers for garden edging is a simple task. Just follows these steps:

1. Outline the garden bed with pegs and string, making sure you consider the shape you want.

2. Clear any debris and level the ground with a rake.

3. Position your sleepers along the marked line, ensuring they're level with each other.

4. Use wooden stakes and screws to secure the sleepers to each other and the ground.

5. Finally add your soil or plants within your defined garden bed.

How do you lay brick garden edging?

Laying brick garden edging can be a fun DIY project to do at home, however it can be a lengthy process. If you don’t have much gardening experience we recommend consulting with a staff member at your local Homebase.

How do you design garden borders?

Designing garden borders involves planning and arranging different elements to create visually appealing and functional borders around your garden beds. You need to first decide if your garden border will be decorative or functional, and then measure and mark the dimensions of the area you want. From there you can start the process of choosing the material for your garden edging. It's a creative and personal process, so make sure you experiment and have fun.

How do you cut lawn edging?

How you cut lawn edging depends on the type of material used for the edging, this is because the toolsyou need will differ. Metal edging would require a hacksaw, plastic edging will need a utility knife, and for wooden garden edging you'll need a hand saw. Each tool needs to be used differently and handled with care, please be careful, and if you're unsure seek professional help.

How deep should garden borders be?

The depth of garden borders depend on various factors, including the types of plants you plan to include and the specific requirements of your garden. However, a general guideline for the depth of garden borders is around 30-45 cm.