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Artificial Christmas Trees

Artificial Christmas trees make a great long-term investment, as you can continue to use them year after year. Whether you prefer a small table top tree, slim tree for a compact space or a large, full tree, Homebase has a wide range of quality artificial Christmas trees to choose from.

Explore our collection of pre-lit Christmas trees for perfectly arranged lights every time. Our premium artificial Christmas trees are available in various sizes, from 2ft to 10ft tall. Whether you’re looking for a snowy artificial tree or classic evergreen fir, you're sure to find the best large and small artificial Christmas trees with Homebase. What’s more, all of our full-size Christmas trees have hinged branches for easy set up.

Discover the joy of decorating your artificial Christmas tree and create a festive atmosphere in your home. For advice and help, you can also take a look at our Christmas tree decorating guide or visit your nearest store for more options.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you shape and fluff an artificial Christmas tree?

Read our blog to learn how to shape an artificial Christmas tree.

What to do with old artificial Christmas trees?

If you have an old artificial Christmas tree that you no longer wish to use, there are a few things you can do. You can either donate it to family and friends or even a charity, but before doing so make sure the tree is in a safe condition. You can also get creative and use it with other Christmas crafts, such as making your own Christmas wreath.

Are artificial Christmas trees recyclable?

Artificial Christmas trees are generally not recyclable but some communities may have recycling programs or facilities that accept them. It's best to check with your local waste management or recycling centre to see if they have any specific guidelines or options for recycling artificial trees.

What is a flocked Christmas tree?

A flocked Christmas tree is an artificial or real tree that's been coated in faux snow to give it a white Christmas aesthetic. Choosing a flocked artificial Christmas tree is a great way to add some winter charm to your home. You can find a range of flocked Christmas trees at Homebase.

Can artificial Christmas trees be used outdoors?

Some specially designed artificial Christmas trees can be used outside. We don't recommend putting non-outdoor artificial trees outside as they are likely to become discoloured and damaged by sunlight and weather.