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Door Locks

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With a wide selection of bolts, latches, deadlocks, and cylinder locks from leading manufacturers, you can have total confidence that your home is safe and secure with our range of door locks. Whether you’re securing a garden shed or looking to install new external door fittings, our hardwearing, weatherproof locks are available in a variety of finishes, allowing you to coordinate with the rest of your door furniture.


Frequently Asked Questions

Great quality door locks that you know you can rely on are one of the most important things when it comes to keeping you, your home and your family safe. At Homebase, our range of door locks have been tried and tested by their manufacturers, meet all the necessary regulations and are crafted from the most hardwearing materials, so you can have complete confidence that your home is secure.

Which door locks are the most secure?

When it comes to keeping your home secure, having two lines of defence is the best option. Usually, this means having a lock that requires a key to be opened (mortice, latch or cylinder locks are all good options) as well as a bolt or chain. 

How  do you put a lock on a door without drilling?

To make sure that it works correctly, it's really important to make sure that door locks are properly fitted. If in doubt, we'd always recommend calling a professional to help here. To ensure a snug fit, it's likely that a drill will be required to fit your new lock, but an authorised tradesperson will have all the necessary equipment if your toolbox isn't up to date.

For advice on how to fit a lock and how to secure your home, take a look at our Ideas & Advice page.