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Wooden Log Store

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Bulky, heavy and cumbersome – logs can be a challenge to organise. If you’re looking for a stylish and practical solution, we offer an extensive range of log stores. From double-width square units to sleek triangular shelters, we have an impressive selection of wooden log shelters that are easy to assemble and will keep your logs dry and ready for a fire pitBBQ or log burner. Their smart designs are the perfect addition to your outside space.
Dry, season and prepare your logs and firewood to perfection with our selection of log stores.

What is the best way to store logs?

Keeping logs and firewood outside in a well-ventilated log store or shed is the ideal way to store them. To get the most out of your logs, keep them elevated off the ground (where they could succumb to rot and moisture) and beneath a roof to prevent rainwater or snow from falling on them. However, make sure that your logs are kept low enough to the ground and in small enough stacks to ensure that they don’t fall or become unstable.

How do log stores keep logs dry?

Slanted rooves and raised floors are standard features of our assortment of log stores and are essential to keeping your logs and firewood dry and prepared for use. The ventilation they offer through their open fronts is also key for drying your logs thoroughly and evenly.

Does a log store need ventilation?

To ensure that your logs and firewood are prepared for use, whether that’s on a log burner, fire pit or chiminea, ventilation and exposure to air is essential. Keeping them dry also makes your logs less susceptible to mould and rot, which would impair their efficacy. This is why log stores are typically designed with spaces in between the slats and an open front.