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Combination Ladders

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Got a head for heights? Make sure your next DIY project at height is carried out safely and securely, with the Homebase range of combination ladders. Made from strong and sturdy materials, including aluminium and fibreglass, you’re sure of a safe climb and a robust foundation.

Using their telescopic limbs and retractable parts, combi ladders can be reshaped before they’re set up to fit into just about any tight squeeze. Rest a ladder on the staircase for extra stability and add more height using a 3 way combination ladder. You can even use it to put together a small scaffold so you can work on top of a platform accessory.

The combi ladder can be a boon if you’re doing a lot of work off the ground outside, while it can also add more height if you’re working outdoors, providing firm support and an extra step or two where you need it.