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Blue Wallpaper

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Give your home a calming new look or energise your working space with our range of blue wallpapers. Whether you’re going for a dark navy blue, bright teal, or lighter shades of duck egg or baby blue, you can find the perfect wallpaper in the extensive range from Homebase.

With everything from cute blue wallpaper to head-turning abstract styles, we have a myriad of blue wallpaper to choose from. Plus, pick up all the wallpaper tools you need to hang your new blue wallpaper.

Considered a naturally calming colour, blue wallpaper can help create a sense of tranquillity and relaxation. Introducing pastel or light blue wallpaper to your home has a soothing effect, with eggshell and baby blue tones being the perfect choice for bedrooms and nurseries. Why not try a navy blue wallpaper in the office? Symbolising knowledge and confidence, the dark blue tone can help to generate a productive atmosphere that is great for working. You can even add a statement to the living room with patterned blue wallpaper. Pick between geometric, floral and plain blue wallpaper in modern and traditional styles.


Frequently Asked Questions

What colour goes with blue wallpaper?

Blue wallpaper is extremely versatile and can be paired with a wide range of colours depending on your style.

Match dark blue wallpaper with brighter shades of yellow, green, or pink to make a statement or complement pale blue wallpaper with white or light grey to create a subtle, tranquil space. Explore the latest wallpaper trends to get ideas for your next project.

What colour goes with navy blue wallpaper?

Create a cohesive and balanced look by pairing navy blue wallpaper with shades of white, grey, yellow, pink, light green, orange or beige. If you prefer a more understated look, keep colours neutral and add silver or gold accents to add depth to your space.

What colour does with duck egg blue wallpaper?

Duck egg blue wallpaper pairs well with soft, light shades like white, cream, beige and even pale pink, grey and yellow. You can find furniture, soft furnishings and even light fixtures in these colours to create you dream space.