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Kitchen Splashbacks

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With a range of colours available, you’re sure to find the best splashback to enhance your kitchen at Homebase. Browse sleek grey, black and white kitchen splashbacks or pick blue, red or green for an added pop of colour.

A kitchen splashback panel can help your worktop and units blend together while protecting your walls from heat, moisture, scratches and stains. Backsplashes are a great choice for modern and traditional kitchens and are easy to clean, making them perfect for busy homes.

Homebase backsplashes are available in a variety of materials so you can match panels to worktops or kitchen cupboard doors without worry. View the full range online and browse by material, including acrylic and glass, colour or price. You can also visit your nearest Homebase for more.


Frequently Asked Questions

What colour splashback goes with a grey kitchen?

"One of the best things about a grey kitchen is that its subtle tone can match a wide variety of paint, tiles and splashbacks.

There are a range of different coloured splashbacks that will complement a grey kitchen. If you prefer neutral shades a black, grey or white kitchen backsplash will add a touch of class to your kitchen. Maybe you want your new backsplash to be a bold feature so vibrant shades of blue, red and green might be the best choice for you."

What is a kitchen splashback?

"A kitchen splashback, also known as a backsplash, is used to cover a wall between a worktop and kitchen wall units. It has both practical and decorative benefits.

Backsplashes can protect your kitchen wall from dirt and grime, while also providing you with a sleek and stylish finish. Many of our kitchen splashbacks are easy to clean and will add a sleek and seamless feel to your kitchen."

How high should a kitchen splashback go?

"Typically a kitchen splashback will be 600mm high to cover the gap between a worktop and a wall unit.

We stock a range of splashback sizes, including 500mm, 750mm and 1000mm so you can find the best fit for your kitchen."

Can you put a kitchen splashback over tiles?

"Yes, you can put a splashback over kitchen tiles.

If you want to fit your backsplash over tiles, make sure that tiles are full attached to the wall, are level and do not have any cracks. This is to ensure that you can securely fit your splashback and imperfections won't impact the appearance of the panel."

Do you need a splashback behind a kitchen sink?

"While you do not need a splashback behind your kitchen sink, you should have something on the wall to protect it from moisture or damage.

We suggest either selecting a splashback that compliments your kitchen or adding wall tiles to help shield the wall."