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Step 1: Select your doors

Start your journey today and enjoy a custom-made fitted sliding wardrobe that transforms your space and organises your belongings in a way that reflects your style.

Our custom wardrobes are available in three widths and five styles. When designing your wardrobe online, you can pick between single to triple, quadruple and even double sided door panels. While each sliding wardrobe design has a unique frame style, doors are available in wood effect, glass and mirror finishes. All custom wardrobe ranges have an opening height of 2260mm, except the Loft range which is suitable for lower or slanted ceilings with an opening height of 1150mm. If your ceiling is higher, use fitting accessories to fill the space up to 457mm higher.

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Design & Customise Your Own Wardrobe

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Create the perfect fitted sliding wardrobe with our easy-to-use online process. Begin by selecting your wardrobe doors, then explore our range of track sets for smooth operation. Customise the internals to create bespoke storage systems, and finish with your choice of end panels for a polished look.

With 5 ranges available to choose from, you can design and customise your own fitted sliding wardrobe. Create a functional and stylish storage solution that perfectly matches your unique preferences and fits seamlessly into your bedroom.

If you're looking for a slightly different, but just as customisable, option, we have 2 ranges of sliding doors and tracks kit.

Read our Sliding Wardrobe Buying Guide.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you design a fitted sliding wardrobe with Homebase?

There are a few of ways you can create your own fitted sliding wardrobe with Homebase, you can:

1. Follow our four-step process by selecting your sliding wardrobe doors, track set, internals and end panel.

2. Book a free bedroom design consultation with one of our experts who can help you design the bedroom of your dreams.

3. Design a brand new bedroom, including fitted sliding wardrobes, using out bedroom furniture planner.