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Exterior Paint Testers & Samples

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Exterior paint tester pots, including those from Dulux, Sandtex, Cuprinol and Homebase, offer a convenient way to sample different exterior paint colours before committing to a full paint job. These tester pots are available for both wood and masonry surfaces, so you can assess how the paint looks on your specific exterior materials. With exterior paint samples in tester pots, you can confidently choose the perfect colour for your outdoor projects.

Once you're satisfied with your paint tester and found your perfect colour, you can buy the full-sized paint. Exterior paint testers at Homebase help make your painting decisions easier. Shop in-store and online to buy your tester today.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do match old exterior paint?

If you have the old paint can, you can use the information on that can to find the same shade again. Alternatively, ask a Homebase expert to find a close match. You can also use a paint scraper to scrape off a small paint sample, then take it to your local Homebase to get the sample matched.

Can you get tester posts of masonry paint?

Yes, at Homebase we offer exterior masonry paint tester pots.

How do test exterior paint colours?

Your exterior paint tester pots will require a small tester brush to brush out your chosen colour.

It's a good idea to buy a few exterior paint testers to try at home. This will help you decide if you absolutely love the colour before you purchase more. It also means you can try out multiple colours and see how they look in different lights.

When using your exterior paint tester, we recommend you paint onto a blank piece of paper (preferably A4) and hold it up to your surface. You can also stick it to your surface using Blu Tack or tape. We don't recommend painting the tester onto your surface, as it can sometimes still show through your chosen paint.