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Interior Paint Testers & Samples

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Whether you're redecorating a room or painting your entire house, our interior paint testers are a great way to try out different colours without committing to a full tin of paint.

At Homebase, we have more than 1,000 different interior paint samples to choose from, available in 30ml to 125ml samples. Narrow your options down by selecting colours or brands, and order your paint samples today. You can typically order one interior paint tester in a standard matt finish per brand or colour.

When you use an interior tester, you can see what it will look like in your space and decide whether you like it before beginning to paint the room. We recommend trying out different shades in a few areas of the space that you want to paint. This will allow you to see the interior paint sample in different lights, which may affect your final colour selection.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much are interior paint tester pots?

Interior paint tester pots from Homebase cost between £2.00 and £5.50. This price will depend on the brand and size of the interior paint sample.

How do you swatch paint using interior sample pots?

This depends on the type of tester your chosen paint brand offers. Interior paint samples can come in different forms. You can buy peel & stick samples, paint testers with a built-in brush or roller or just a regular paint tester pot where you will need to purchase a tester brush.

We recommend buying a tester to try at home to ensure you love the colour before purchasing the full size. The best thing to do is buy a few different colours as they may look lighter or darker than expected in different lights.

When testing your paint colour, paint onto a blank piece of A4 paper and hold it up, or attach it with Blu Tack to the chosen wall in your home. We suggest hanging the samples on different walls throughout the day and night, to check how they can look in changing light conditions. Avoid painting the tester directly onto your wall, as the patch test can still show underneath your chosen paint.

How big is an interior paint sample and how much area can it cover?

Interior paint samples come in a wide range of sizes. We currently stock interior paint tester pots between 30ml and 125ml.

A 30mlinteriorpaint sample will cover an area approximately 30cm x 30cm, while a 125ml sample will cover approximately 60cm x 60cm.