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Whether it's for heating, home security or handy gadgets to save you time, no home is complete without the right electrical equipment and accessories. From the heaters and fireplaces that keep us warm, to the alarms that help to keep us safe and the batteries that keep things running, here at Homebase you can find a wealth of essential electrical items to keep your home connected.
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Expert help & advice

Almost every aspect of modern life requires a little electrical assistance nowadays. From extension cables and electric car charging accessories to dehumidifiers, heaters and fans, the right electrical equipment will save you time on those all-important household chores as well as making your home a more comfortable environment to live in.

How to save electricity at home

At Homebase, we've made sure to include an array of low-cost, energy-efficient and great value options to help protect the planet while saving you a few pounds. To find out how much electricity an appliance uses, take a look at the packaging or product description. Find the wattage (power) or kWh (how much power a device uses each hour) consumption. If you are only given the wattage, divide by 1000 to find the kWh consumption - for example, a 120 watt device uses 0.12kWh. 

You'll also need to check how much your energy supplier charges per kWh of electricity. From this, you'll be able to work out how much the appliance costs to run. Take a look at our guide to understanding energy ratings on kitchen appliances for more advice on how to keep your electricity consumption low.

Whether you want to know how to choose the right light bulb or how to make your home more energy efficient, our Ideas & Advice hub is packed with plenty of helpful home electricals tips.