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The Best Houseplants For Your Bathroom

The Best Houseplants for Your Bathroom

Although bathrooms are typically humid rooms that vary in temperature and light, they can still be good environments for certain houseplant species. Living plants can help to make bathrooms feel like your own personal paradise and – as well as creating a fresh aesthetic – they can also improve air quality. However, a bathroom environment is not ideal for every houseplant, so you need to choose wisely. To help inform your decisions, we’ve gathered all of the humidity-loving plants in one place.

the best houseplants for your bathroom


The striking Calathea is a true tropical plant that enjoys humidity as its natural climate. These vibrant beauties will brighten up your bathroom with their boldly marked, upright leaves. Indirect sunlight is best-suited, as direct sun will damage the leaves; however, low light will cause slow growth- so a bit of balance is needed. Your bathroom environment will provide a Calathea with a healthy life, and its beautiful foliage will provide your bathroom with a new lease of life.

Spider plant

This popular plant looks great in a pot or a basket. And it’s popular for a reason.

It keeps its colourful leaves all year round, and is perfect for a bathroom as it prefers temperatures above 10°C. A spider plant needs room to hang as it produces lots of baby plants that can be removed and repotted. To ensure fast growth, place your spider plant in bright but indirect light.


The trendy and vibrant Anthurium is a low maintenance choice that is easy to grow. Known for its stunning, waxy flowers and bold stem, the Anthurium grows best in bright but indirect light, at temperatures of over 10°C. You can tell if it is too humid or too dry based on the leaves – brown tips instigates it is too dry and yellow tips means too wet.


The Dracaena (commonly known as the ‘Dragon Tree’) is a must-have bathroom plant. So much so, it is  actually one of the most popular houseplants in the UK. With its Madagascar and Indian ocean island origins, the Dracaena thrives in a warm room with natural light.

Not only does its beautiful foliage look visually appealing, but the Dracaena can also to help improve the air quality in your bathroom.

Spathiphyllum (Peace Lily)

This charming, flowering plant is also tropical, making it ideal for your humid bathroom. Its attractive flowers, glossy leaves and simple maintenance routine have made it a favourite in British households. Although the Peace Lily enjoys the sunshine, direct light can damage its plant leaves. So a mixture of light and shade is perfect. If it gets too dry, a Peace Lily will noticeably wilt but keeping it well-watered will ensure it perks right back up.

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the best houseplants for your bathroom



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