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From clocks to remote controls, torches to doorbells, there are many household items that need batteries. What's more, there are few things more frustrating than discovering that you've run out when you need a replacement. At Homebase you’ll find a range of sizes from all the top brands, so that you can keep your battery draw well-stocked.


Make sure you’re fully charged whether you need an AAA battery or a C battery, and choose from trusted brands like Duracell, Energizer and Supercell. You never know how much you rely on them until they’re out of juice, so check out our range of multipacks to ensure you’re stocked up.

Rechargeable batteries are great value for money – long lasting, convenient, good for hundreds of charges and, importantly, you’ll never completely run out of batteries when you most need them. An intelligent battery charger can tell you how much power is left so you can ensure you stay powered up. Shop our range of batteries online to ensure you’re never caught short.