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Outdoor Dog Kennels

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Outdoor kennels are perfect for keeping your beloved pet safe from harsh weather conditions. Whether portable or permanent, kennels are a must-have for pet owners looking to provide a safe and comfortable place for their pets to rest. Go for an insulated kennel so that your dog can stay cool or warm throughout the year or opt for a portable kennel to bring your pup along wherever.

The trick to choosing the right permanent, outdoor dog kennel comes down to pet size, location and material.

For example, if you have a bigger dog, make sure you’re opting for a sizable kennel so your pet can move around comfortably. Especially if you expect your pet to stay in a kennel for a few hours a day, you’ll want to ensure they feel safe and comfortable.

Our Mercia kennels range from 8 x 4 to 12 x 4 so you can pick a comfortably sized kennel for your pets. These kennels come with separate rooms that your dogs can comfortably go between. Set up a nice, cozy bed in one of them, or lay out some toys and blankets for your dogs to feel more at home.

When it comes to location, place your kennel near a stable structure. Avoid setting up near trees as branches may fall, hurting both structure and pet.

Kennels come in plastic, wood, or metal. Regardless of which material you choose, make sure your dogs have enough bedding and blankets to feel at ease. This will also help ease the discomfort of lounging around for hours, as hard materials can have an impact on your dog’s joints and bones.