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Plant Protection & Support

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Sometimes plants need a little extra support to help them on their way. From growing frames to supportive bamboo canes, encourage healthy growth with our plant protection range.


Plant protection comes in all shapes and sizes, from fleece to prevent frost damage to simple plant support options like canes, plant supports and tree stakes.

What is plant protection?

Plant protection is any method used to prevent your garden from being harmed by pests, weeds, weather. This can be as simple as placing a cloche over delicate leaves and young seedlings, or wrapping shrubs in fleece during freezing temperatures. Plant protection measures can be preventative or in response to an existing threat, such as pests or berry-eating birds.

What is the best plant protection?

When choosing your plant protection, consider what the risks to your flowers and foliage are. Netting is a simple way to prevent fruit and vegetables from being eaten by birds, while plants vulnerable to frost can be wrapped in fleece protective material. Laying weed control fabric on beds and borders is also a great preventative measure against invasive species. For seedlings and young plants that are particularly vulnerable, consider propagators or a cold frame.

Do I need to protect my plants?

If you notice leaves being eaten, weeds creeping in, or foliage that looks lacklustre despite regular watering, it could be a sign that you need to introduce some plant protection measures. With delicate plants that are prone to being eaten, such as berries and salad leaves, it's worth erecting garden netting as a preventative measure as soon as your crop is planted in the ground. Similarly, young trees and climbing plants will benefit from a growing frame or cane support from first planting to ensure that they grow to be strong, stable and healthy.