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Playhouses are ideal for your little one’s adventures outside. Lodge-like features including sheltered verandas and glazed windows create a charming imaginative setting for any playtime.


Outdoor playhouses are the perfect escape for your kids. They’re also a great addition to your garden space, facilitating playtime at any outdoor event you plan – from garden parties to birthdays. At Homebase, you’ll find a variety of wooden playhouses, either with slides or towers, for the kids to go on their next adventure. Some of our best-selling designs include Mercia Wooden Playhouses which is made from planed timber to keep your little ones safe from pesky splinters and rough edges. With shatter-proof, double glazed windows, this space keeps children protected while they enjoy some much needed playtime. If you have the space, go for a slightly bigger wooden playhouse, like the Mercia 7 x 9'4ft Snug Wooden Playhouse Tower & Slide. Once you’ve selected the style that suits your garden, make sure you’re choosing the right location to install your new playhouse. Look out for firm and even ground that won’t flood and pick a spot that’s in view from your own home. This way you can keep an eye on the kids while they enjoy their time outside.