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Christmas Tree & Decorative Lights

Bring the festive spirit to life with a delightful array of decorative, string and cluster Christmas lights.

If you want to invite Christmas into your home, take a look at our light-up window decorations and add a whimsical touch with snowflake or star lights. For an enchanting glow, explore cluster and string lights that beautifully illuminate your Christmas tree.

All of our Christmas tree and decorative lights have LED bulbs, which are long-lasting and energy efficient. You can also save electricity with a timer plug that switches off lights as required.

Explore the versatile range, including mains and battery-powered string lights, giving you the freedom to illuminate indoor or outdoor spaces with ease. Feel the timeless charm of warm white lights, casting a cosy radiance that brings back the nostalgia of Christmas past. Plus, with the convenience of battery operation, you can create mesmerising displays without worrying about power outlets, letting you get more creative with your Christmas light displays this year.

Let these Christmas tree, window and decorative lights transform your space and capture the magic of the season. Browse the collection online or in-store today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you put lights on a Christmas tree?

Take a look at our step-by-step blog to learn how to put lights on your Christmas tree.

How many lights do you need for a Christmas tree?

The number of lights needed for a Christmas tree depends on the size of the tree and personal preferences. As a general guideline, you can estimate using around 100 Christmas tree lights per vertical foot of tree height for a moderately lit display, or 200 lights per vertical foot for a more densely lit display.

Do you put Christmas tree lights or ornaments on first?

Generally, we recommend putting Christmas tree lights on before baubles and ornaments. This will make it easier for you to decorate your Christmas tree.

How do you string lights on a Christmas tree?

Read our blog to learn how to put lights on a Christmas tree.

How do you fix a string of Christmas tree lights?

Fixing Christmas string and cluster lights can be challenging but here are a few different things you can do:

1. Check the power - if you have battery-powered string lights, check the batteries aren't dead and the lights are switched on. If you're using an outlet, make sure the plug is secure and working.

2. Check the LED light bulbs - while LEDs are energy efficient and can last 50,000 hours, check if any of your string light bulbs are broken, burnt out or missing, and replace them. You should also check to see if any bulbs are loose and secure them if needed.

3. Replace blown fuses - Christmas string lights, like many electrical items, have fuses that can blow. Make sure you follow manufacturing instructions when replacing a fuse.

4. Look at the wiring - damaged and exposed wires can prevent lights from working but are also dangerous. If you notice that your Christmas string or cluster lights have damaged wires, you should replace them as soon as possible.

How do you store Christmas string lights?

There are a few different ways you can store Christmas string lights. You can:

1. Use spools or cord winders and wrap the lights around them, being careful not to crush any bulbs. If you don't have a spool or cord winder, create a make-shift one using cardboard from unwrapped Christmas gifts.

2. Place your Christmas string lights in storage boxes. To reduce the hassle of untangling lights next Christmas, keep stings packed neatly in containers.

3. Hang or drape your LED Christmas lights on rods or hooks. You'll need more space to use this storage method but it's a fantastic way to stop lights from getting tangled and can also help protect the wires.

4. Reuse the packaging your Christmas string lights came in. This can help prevent unnecessary waste and is specially designed to protect and store LEDs.