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Green Wallpaper

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Calming, stylish, and easy on the eye, green wallpaper is a popular choice for home decor. Whether you are looking for a beautiful sage green wallpaper, stylish mint green wallpaper, or a cool dark green wallpaper, you will find what you are looking for at Homebase.

Green wallpaper brings a sense of natural beauty and style to any home. From stunning emerald green wallpaper, to a classic olive green wallpaper with beautiful artwork and texture, Homebase has what you need to help you achieve your perfect style. You may even be after a more unique look with neon green wallpaper, green geometric wallpaper, or a green patterned wallpaper.

At Homebase, our wallpaper range can cater to any style or taste. We also offer a variety of wallpaper paste and tools to help you get started with your new decor.


Frequently Asked Questions

What colour goes with green wallpaper?

Green wallpaper is versatile and can be complemented by a range of colours. It pairs excellently with vibrant blues and pinks, as well as neutral tones like grey, cream, or brown. You will also find that different options such as sage green wallpaper or dark green wallpaper go with different colours.

You could opt for a country look with light green wallpaper, something futuristic with green geometric wallpaper, or something truly unique with dark green textured wallpaper.

What colour paint goes with green wallpaper?

Choosing a paint to pair with your green wallpaper gives you access to a wide variety of styles for your home decor. The best colour will depend on your choice of wallpaper. Sage green wallpaper goes extremely well with natural colours and creamy whites, while green floral wallpaper pairs well with both light and dark paints. Pastel green wallpaper goes excellently with other pastels and soft neutrals, while green art deco wallpaper pairs well with dark colours to create a modern statament. Visit your local Homebase and find the perfect combination for your home.