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Panel Radiators

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Combining energy-efficient technology with unobtrusive contemporary design, panel radiators are a great home heating solution for any room. Single flat panel radiators offer a neat slim-line design and efficient heating, making them the smart choice for smaller spaces, while double-panelled options are able to warm a larger room with ease.

With a variety of dimensions available, we've made it easy to find a flat panel radiator that perfectly fits your space - whether you're heating a kitchen, bedroom or conservatory.


Panel radiators are loved for their slim-line design and energy efficient technology. They're often available in single and double panel options, but what's the difference and which is the best option for your space?

If you're heating a particularly small room, single flat panel radiators are your best friend. With options that measure just 69mm from the wall to the front of the panel, they're as neat and unobtrusive as radiators get. Double panel radiators offer the same sleek design and efficient technology, but are able to emit more heat as they have two heating planes. This makes them a fantastic option for heating larger spaces.

Much like traditional radiators, panel radiators are filled with water, which is heated by the boiler in your central heating system. The hot water in the radiator panels then heats the surrounding air, which then circulates around the room to warm your home up.

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