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Desk Fans

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Whether working from home or keeping cool at night with a bedside table fan, a desk fan is a small but mighty cooling companion. From cordless to chrome-effect, find your perfect fit.
Portable, compact, and perfect for taking from room to room while you go about your daily tasks, a desk fan is both affordable and effective.

Types of desk fan

White, chrome, black or grey, explore our range to find a desk fan that complements your interior. Chargeable USB models are a fantastic option if your workspace has no available sockets, while low-noise options will help you to get a great night's sleep. On the warmest summer days, combine your desk fan with a tower or floor fan to keep the heat of the day at bay while you move around your home.

Can desk fans run all night?

Yes. However, if you’re prone to allergies or are sensitive to any kind of allergen, keeping a fan on can spread dust and other particles. Similarly, sleeping with a fan on can dry your skin and nasal cavities, meaning you’ll wake up feeling groggy and stuffy. To avoid this, clean your fan regularly!

How much electricity does a desk fan use?

As with any type of air conditioning, the amount of electricity that a desk fan uses will depend on its wattage. As desk fans are smaller than pedestal fans and air coolers, they require less energy to run - making them a great option for the budget or energy-conscious household.