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Air Conditioning

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Keep your cool on those hot sunny days with an air conditioning unit or evaporative cooler from Homebase. Browse our collection and choose the perfect air conditioner for your home to ensure you're feeling cool in no time!
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Don’t have an inbuilt cooling system in your home? No sweat. A portable air conditioner is the cost-effective solution to those unexpectedly hot days where an open window just doesn’t seem enough.

With mini air conditioners through to larger air conditioning units, we’ve got something that’s sure to take the edge off any heatwave. If you only need them seasonally, opt for an air conditioner that’s lightweight and easy to store. Mobile air conditioners can be tucked away during the winter months, and brought out again when summer strikes.

With the most efficient energy ratings and a variety of dehumidifying, cooling and fan options to choose from, you can stay cool effortlessly with our range of air conditioning units. Provide a little respite from the heat no matter what the summer throws at you, with an air conditioner from Homebase.