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Exterior Primers & Undercoats

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Here at Homebase, we believe that if it's worth painting, it's worth painting right. The outside of your home is all about first impressions. Make the best first impression with a professional and eye-catching paint job thanks to our range of quality exterior paint primers and undercoats.

We have a great selection of exterior wood and masonry primers. These allow you to protect your outdoor surfaces and also ensure a better finish. We also offer metal primers to help with any rusting on your garden furniture. Find the best exterior wood primer for your job, from Dulux Weathershield to Sandtex.

Are you dealing with a metal surface? Don't worry, we've got you covered with durable and high-quality exterior metal primers. Our wood primers and undercoats also come in various colours to suit your chosen paint. These colours include grey, clear and white.

Ensure your outdoor surfaces remain bold and beautiful for longer. Browse the range of exterior primers and undercoats at your local Homebase or online today.


Frequently Asked Questions
Is exterior undercoat waterproof?

Almost all exterior undercoats are waterproof, but only after drying. It's important to apply your undercoat during clear weather and give it ample time to dry.

Does exterior wood need primer?

All unfinished exterior wood needs a primer before painting. Exterior wood primer or undercoat fills in the wood's pores and any imperfections that may cause uneven paint or prevent the paint from sticking. Applying exterior paint primer will help your finish come out smoother and cleaner. Primer will also help protect your wood from the elements and make your paint job last longer.

Can exterior primer be used inside?

At Homebase we offer primers that are for interior and exterior use, however, it does depend on the surface you want to work on. Always check the tin before applying primer to your chosen surface.