Radiator Covers

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Radiator Covers Hide away ugly radiators with our stylish collection of radiator covers. Available in a variety of sizes, colours and finishes, our radiator cabinets will add the finishing touch to your home. Our range also features adjustable radiator covers and unpainted options, providing you with size and colour flexibility.
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Radiator covers are becoming increasingly popular as many more people wish to hide away unsightly radiators. At Homebase we provide you with a wealth of radiator covers to choose from to ensure you find the perfect options for the rooms in your home.

From mini sized to extra-large, you’ll find the perfect size of radiator cover here in our collection. We also offer adjustable radiator covers to make life much easier.

Seamlessly blend your radiator cover into your home’s style with our colour options of white, brown and grey. Or, if you fancy painting your radiator cover yourself to match it to your home décor or maybe the wall it sits against, you’ll love our unpainted radiator covers.

Once your radiator cover is in place and looking great. Why not dress it with your favourite pieces from our home furnishings collection to make a style statement out of it?