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Paint Calculator

Let's find out how much paint you need

To use the Homebase Paint Calculator, simply input your measurements and we’ll tell you how many litres of paint you need to buy.



Number of paint coats

We recommend purchasing at least 10% extra product to allow for errors, damages or obstacles.

Finally, you can stop asking yourself how much paint do I need, when it comes to your next project.

Thanks to the Homebase Paint Calculator, you can easily work out how much paint you need – whether it be for every room of your house, an open-planned living space, or one feature wall.

Disclaimer: The paint calculator works on a paint coverage of 10m2 per litre. There may be some difference between paint brands, therefore this should be used as a guide only.

How to use the Homebase Paint Calculator

  1. Measure area of the walls and ceilings you want to paint, along with the dimensions you wish to exclude e.g. doors, windows and electrical sockets.
  2. Enter your measurements (0.00) into the Calculator tool. 
  3. For an optimum finish, we recommend you select 2 paint coats and include an extra 10% of coverage for errors and obstacles.