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Elevate your bathroom aesthetics with Homebase’s collection of taps. Our extensive range includes a variety of styles and finishes to suit every taste and bathroom design. Whether you’re in search of timeless elegance with brass finishes, a sleek modern touch with black or chrome bathroom taps, or a blend of both traditional and contemporary elements, Homebase has the perfect tap for you.

Our selection features high-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity. Explore finishes from brushed brass, nickel and matt black providing you with options that complement your personal style. From classic silver bathroom taps to the latest modern designs, trust in the best bathroom tap brands to adorn your space and discover innovate features such as taps with plug levers for added convenience.

For help on understanding the type of tap you may need, visit our blog on bathroom taps. Transform your bathroom effortlessly with Homebase’s new and quality bathroom taps that blend functionality with aesthetics. Shop online or in-store at your nearest Homebase today.

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Frequently asked questions

Bathroom tap water is safe to drink if it comes from the same supply as your kitchen sink, however if you’re in a public space then we advise not drinking from the bathroom tap.

Replacing a bathroom tap is simple, for clear instructions follow our article on replacing a leaking bathroom tap.

A dripping bathroom tap can be annoying, but easily fixed. Visit our page on how to fix a dripping tap for further information.

How you remove a bathroom tap depends on the type of tap that you have. However, usually it is a simple process with three easy steps:

1. Turn off your water supply for both hot and cold taps from the mains supply. Run the hot and cold taps in your house a short while to drain any excess water, and ensure the mains is definitely switched off. Make sure all your taps remain open.

2. Using a wrench, unscrew the nut that locks the basin to your old tap. It might be a bit awkward at first, but once its loose it should come off easier.

3. Once its removed, lift the old tap away from your basin and remove your old tap from your domestic pipe work.

If the bathroom is connected to the same supply that your kitchen tap is connected to, then yes, the water is the same. However, it is always best to get clarification from professionals if you are in doubt.

How to change or fit a new bathroom tap can differ depending on the type of tap that you have. If you want to fit a mixer tap in your bathroom, visit our blog on how to fit a mixer tap for more information and clear instructions. Alternatively, if you are looking to fit a basin tap, you can learnhow to fit basin taps. If you are still struggling to fit your tap, please seek professional advice.