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Shed & Fence Paint

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Is your fence or shed in need of a little TLC? Our collection of shed and fence paints will get them looking ship shape in no time. We stock a variety of garden shed and fence paint colours, so you can choose the perfect aesthetic to complement your garden. You’ll also find some great decking stains to get your decking area looking great, too. For a quick and easy application, we recommend a paint sprayer from our Paint Tools.

Available in a variety of colours and shades, a lick of fence and shed paint can truly transform your garden and help to prolong its life. If weatherproofing your fence or shed is your number one priority, opt for a 5 year fence paint which helps to maximise your fence’s chances when battling against the weather.

At Homebase you’ll find fence and shed stains from top brands you can trust, such as Ronseal and Cuprinol. The question is, which colour will you go for? A traditional dark brown or green? Or maybe something a little different, such as dark grey or black shed and fence paint? For more ideas on how to paint your shed visit our blog and learn how to create the most stylish garden shed.

Browse the range offence and shed paints available at Homebase and order yours today to get your garden looking great!


Frequently asked questions

What colour fence paint makes a garden look bigger?

Choosing the right paint for garden fences can indeed create the illusion of a larger space. Visit our blog for fence paint colours and tips that can help make your garden appear more spacious.

How do I paint a garden fence?

Fence painting is a straightforward process. Our blog on how to paint a fence gives a detailed step-by-step guide on how to achieve a perfectly painted garden fence.

How do I paint a shed?

Painting a shed is a relatively simple DIY project that can enhance its appearance and protect it from the elements. Our blog on how to paint a shed gives you tips on painting your shed, and suggests the best paint to use.

What is the best fence paint?

The best paint for garden fencing depends on several factors, including your specific needs and preferences. However, most professionals would recommend using an acrylic latex paint on a wooden fence. It provides a good moisture barrier which can protect your fence from rain.

How to get fence paint off concrete?

There are several ways to remove fence paint off concrete. To start, you can try scrubbing the paint with a wire brush. If this doesn't work, try adding a small amount of paint stripper to a rag and dab the affected areas before washing with water. If there is a lot offence paint to remove, a pressure washer might be the most efficient way to clean the concrete.

Can you use deck stain on a fence?

Deck stain is used to protect wood, so you can use it as a fence stain. It's great for preserving and protecting garden fences from the elements and can enhance the wood's water resistance as well.

Can you use fence stain on decking?

Stains for fencing shouldn't be used on decking. Fence stain will typically peel off or wear away sooner than deck stain. For more information on deck stain, and the appropriate products to use, visit our blog on how to stain a deck.

What colour should I paint my fence and shed?

When choosing paint colours for your garden fences and shed, you have a range of options to create your desired look. For a modern touch, consider light grey or white fence paint to achieve a contemporary and natural backdrop. To infuse colour, explore vibrant options, such as blue or green fence and shed paint - it will add personality and freshness to your outdoor space. If you're aiming for a cohesive garden appearance, matching your colourful shed paint to your fencing paint can create a unified look. For more inspiration visit out blog on paint ideas for a garden shed.

Can you paint a wet fence?

Painting a wet fence is not advised. If you paint over a wet fence it can lead to issues such as uneven application and mould. It's always good to let your fence dry and prepare your surface by cleaning any dirt or debris and sanding any rough spots using sanding paper before applying the fence paint.

Can you paint over a stained wood fence?

Painting over a shed stain can give you a fresh, updated look. However, you need to make sure proper preparation and techniques are used for a long-lasting result. Follow the paint and primer manufacturer's instructions for the best results, and consider using paint products specifically designed for use on wood surfaces.