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Whether you're looking for a quick heating solution for your home or ways add extra warmth to your living space on chillier evenings, we have a wide range of fuss-free and economical home heating for every interior. Explore convector heatersoil filled radiators and portable fan heaters or create a functional focal point with electric fires and designer radiators. You'll find a whole host of free-standing and wall mounted electrical heating options from leading brands here at Homebase.
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Spanning from portable radiators and fan heaters to permanent heating systems, electric heaters offer low maintenance and flexible heating solutions for any room in the house. Finding the right heater for your home will depend on the level of heat required and the size of the space. Compact, portable radiators are useful for smaller spaces, such as home offices, whereas larger, wall mounted models are perfect for living rooms, bedrooms and open-plan layouts.

Convector heaters

When it comes to heating large spaces quickly and efficiently, convector heaters are the perfect solution. More energy efficient than radiators and with the added flexibility of being able to move them around the home, opt for a convector heater if you're after immediate and long-lasting warmth. For more handy energy-saving tips, take a look at our energy efficiency hub.

Oil filled radiators

Best used for heating single rooms, oil-filled radiators work in a similar way to thermal electric radiators. They consist of an electrical element which is used to heat up a reservoir of thermal oil inside. This thermal oil is great at retaining heat, meaning that it allows your radiator to stay warmer for longer - even after it has been switched off.

Fan heaters

Much like convection heaters, fan heaters heat up air rather than objects. However, the fan element allows the heated air to be pushed round the room faster. This makes them a great way to warm up a room quickly.

For more tips on finding the right heating solution for your home, take a look at our useful guide to every type of heating.