Feeling the heat? We’re here to help. If you’re sat at your desk, you can grab a USB plug-in fan that will keep your head cool all day, or if you want to share the joy of a breeze with others, we’ve floor standing fans or air conditioners that are certain to make your temperature drop and your popularity soar. If you didn’t get ahead of the heatwave, you can pop out and grab what you need at your local store right now. Go on, quick – before your ice cream melts!

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Cool off at the switch of a button with the help of air conditioning units, fans and other cooling products available at Homebase.

When temperatures start to rise, you can take control of your comfort and reduce the heat in your home in a matter of seconds with one of our handy portable air conditioning units. Easy to use and light weight, they can be conveniently moved between rooms without any fuss. Say goodbye to humid nights too, with timers, sleep modes and remote control settings so you can enjoy an uninterrupted night’s snooze. Our wide range of fans come in various shapes and sizes, suitable for desks, kitchens, bedrooms and even keeping cool on the go.

Peruse the extensive selection of cooling products from Homebase and enjoy the optimum temperature in your home.