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Hand Tools

Turn your house into a home with our quality hand tools. From the mighty tape measure to screwdrivers and saws, our selection stocks all your toolkit essentials. Carrying big-name brands that you can trust, our range of hand tools are manufactured with safety, comfort and performance at the forefront. Whether you're replacing some preloved pliers or starting from scratch, explore our variety of categories to get kitted out. DIY has never been simpler!

Related categories

From quality carpentry to tightening loose screws, a good selection of hand tools will leave you prepared to face a wide array of DIY tasks.

The essentials

Tape measures, sand paper, a spirit level, and pliers are the foundations of any good tool box. Useful for a wide variety of tasks and great value, this is a great place to start if you're starting out with the DIY basics.

Cutting hand tools

Saws, knives, scissors and rotary cutters can come in useful for a wide variety of projects. Strong, durable and responsive, our range includes options from all the best-loved brands.

Spanners, screw drivers & wrenches

Whether you're building flat-pack furniture or changing a radiator, these are some of the most useful hand tools you can have in your collection. With adjustable wrenches and multipiece screwdriver sets included in our range, a single tool can be used across a great variety of products.

Woodworking tools

With a range that includes everything from pocket-hole jigs and clamps to straight edge guides, at Homebase we're here to make sure that your next woodworking project runs smoothly.

Garden hand tools

If you're planning some outdoor projects, take a look at our garden hand tools buying guide to find out what you'll need to get started.