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Wallpaper Tools & Accessories

With our range of expert tools and accessories, working with wallpaper has never been easier. Whether you're a seasoned decorator or a complete novice, investing in the right kit is key to achieving a professional look and super seamless finish. Explore wall wallpaper-cutting tools, paste and repair adhesive, wallpaper steamer accessories and more.

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From wallpaper cutting tools to adhesive paste and applicators, the key to professional-looking wallpaper lies in using the right equipment for the job. Our guide on how to hang wallpaper contains everything you need to know to get started. If you need to strip your walls to create a smooth base, take a look at our guide on how to remove wallpaper.

Pasting tables

If you've got a large area to cover or do regular wallpapering jobs, a pasting table is a great way to organise your space and will help you to avoid any sticky situations. With collapsible options to choose from, you can neatly stow your table away when not in use.

Wallpapering tools

Seam rollers, paste brushes, smoothers, filling knives, and stripping knives are essential wallpaper tools for any decorator's collection. Whether you're looking for wallpaper steamer accessories or a handy kit with all the essentials, we've gathered together a range of great tools with even better prices - helping you to get the job finished to a flawless standard.

Wallpaper paste

Wallpaper paste is a specially formulated adhesive and is essential for any papered decorating job. Choose from smooth or concentrated formulas, depending on your preference. Non-drip, extra strength and anti-mould options help you to get more from your paste - with easy application and fast-drying mixtures making it simpler than ever to achieve your dream interior.

Wallpaper strippers

Create a smooth base, perfect for painting or fresh wallpaper application. Wallpaper strippers use steam to loosen old adhesive, ensuring easy removal and helping you to clear large areas quickly. From wallpaper steamer accessories to stripping knives and cleaning solutions, find everything you need to get going.