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Kitchen Accessories

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Organisation is the key to success, especially in the kitchen!

De-clutter your worktops with our mug trees and plate racks. Tidy up your drawers with a cutlery tray and put your shiny new pans on display with our ceiling racks (check out our Pots and Pans range for some inspiration).

You can even create some extra space with one of our wonderful kitchen trolleys and organise those bottles with a stylish wine rack.

You should always read the instructions when making something new. But the trouble is, cooking can be messy, and we don’t want to get our precious phones or tablets mucky! But never fear, you could always go old school, put your phones away and try using a recipe book on one of our cookbook stands.

If you’re not very green fingered, how about a beautiful mug tree instead? Plant it next to the kettle and your tea, coffee and sugar canisters (which you can find in our Food Storage category). The perfect spot we think to keep your favourite mug close to hand and well-watered.

Pots and Pans are always a good investment, but why not show off your new set with one of our ceiling racks? They’re perfect for storing your saucepans and kitchen Utensils as well as clearing some extra space in a cupboard. Yay! You can fit in some more food.

Your time is precious, but in your kitchen, space can be just as valuable. If you could wave a magic wand, that’s probably what you’d wish for; an extra cupboard here, a bit more worktop there. At Homebase, we might not have magical powers (unfortunately, and not from lack of trying), but we can offer you the perfect solution with our brilliant range of kitchen trolleys.

Dinner parties are in this season and Homebase want to raise a glass and welcome you back indoors. To get ready for your guests, let’s organise those bottles and check out our stylish array of wine racks.